Our Management

The owner of Send Exchange Est. is the successful Emirati businessman, the consultant / Abd-Allah Kamies El-Breiky.

General Manager:

Mr. Magdy Hassan Nour has a strong experience in the field of money exchange in the United Arab Emirates and manages the money exchange of the company. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of money exchange and has strong relationships with the correspondents inside and outside the state.


The company has qualified staff, most of them are from the Sudanese community because of the wide admission of the people of this community in UAE as it is the best community which confirmed its efficiency and trustworthiness in the field of banking and Money exchange in UAE.

The staff was qualified to provide advanced and sophisticated services for customers and the rest of the employees are from different nationalities i.e. Netherlands, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Pakistani  and Indian  nationalities.